Pre-paid card

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Pp’s Park works with a pre paid card system, fast, easy and with total guarantee.

¿How does this system work?

To enjoy every single ride, just slide you card over the reader placed at the entry. It will automatically discount the money that costs the ride. Each price is configured according to the value of its entertainment. Your balance doesn’t expire and the same card can be used by many children.

How can I get a new card?

  1. Come to the ticket office in the park.
  2. Choose the quantity you want to charge in your card, with no minimums or maximums.
  3. Pay the chosen quantity either by cash or by credit card. The card costs 1€ as a deposit. We will give it back to you when you return your empty card to the ticket office.
  4. It’s time for having good fun! At the entry of each ride you’ll find a card reader which automatically discounts the quantity of that ride.

There are two types of pre-paid cards… choose yours!

  • Option 1: Anonymous card, with no name associated. It can be used by anyone… even in case of lost.
  • Option 2Registered card. If you are a member of Pp’s Park Club, sign in your customer’s area and register your card number. In this way you’ll have total control over the card’s movements: credits, bonus… And, in case you lose it or somebody steals it, tell us immediately: we will block your card and duplicate it so that you will have the same balance as the original card. Not a member yet? Become a member, it’s free and very easy.

How can I charge my card?

  • At the park’s ticket office or any of the cash machines distributed in the park.
  • Comfortably at home, using PayPal service. With total guaranty, secure payment, choose the quantity in just one click.